23 Apr 14

Fun Time On Couch

Princess Blueyez is up to her old tricks again – I swear, every time she so much as sees a couch she’s got a burning desire to get down on her knees and start taking off her clothes!

This time she’s in tight white jeans that fit nice and smug on her tight little ass! And those pants are coming off mighty quickly, revealing that she’s wearing hot blue panties!

princess blueyez tight white jeans sexy panties2 princess blueyez tight white jeans sexy panties3

When she lays down on her back, Princess Blueyez lifts up her shirt and shows us her tits are tightly wrapped up and hidden away in a sexy white bra!

princess blueyez tight white jeans sexy panties4

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Have you ever smelled a hot chick when she just got out of the shower but yet hasn’t put her clothes on… It smells like it just rained and now the sun is coming out on a spring day…. And baby powder too. Not sure why about the baby powder… It’s so very hot. If you ever get the chance to make love to a woman when she is fresh out of the shower, do it…. Or just bang her in the shower…

I think Blue Eyed Cass here just got out of the shower… And she took a selfie for us!

princess blue eyes fresh out of shower still wet selfie

Chick like Blue Eyed Cass who take selfies just out of the shower….Always hot!

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21 Apr 14


Sometimes when I look at pictures of Princess Blueyez it just breaks my heart…. I want to fuck her so badly that it hurts. Well, maybe it just hurts because I look at a photo of Princess Blueyez and it gives me instant wood.

Check it:

princess blueyez tight jeans white panties2

Tell me that Princess Blueyez isnt’ the hottest thing since sliced bread or chewing gum.

My lord, look at her ass……. I’d do hit that (but that’s a given!).

princess blueyez tight jeans white panties3 princess blueyez tight jeans white panties6

And the more that Princess Blueyez takes off her clothes, the hotter this all gets!!!! This hot perky little teen has a killer body and knows how to use it!

Looks at those titties!

princess blueyez tight jeans white panties7 princess blueyez tight jeans white panties8 princess blueyez tight jeans white panties9 princess blueyez tight jeans white panties10

But the one thing that I love about Princess Blueyez the most…. Is how much time she spends on her hands and knees… It’s almost like it’s her most favorite position. Gee, I wonder why!!!!

princess blueyez tight jeans white panties1

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Is it me, or does Blue Eyed Cass like showing off her boobies? Then again, she does have a nice rack… And most chicks would want to show off their boobies if they had breasts like she has… But when she covers them up I feel like Blue Eyed Cass is teasing us…

blue eyed cass1

Then when Blue Eyed Cass gets down on her hands and knees… It looks like she’s ready to blow us!

blue eyed cass2

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16 Apr 14

Sexy Black Bustier

Damn, Princess Blueyez here knows how to fill out her black bustier nicely! I guess that means she’s got some perky teen boobs, right?

She looks great in those tight blue jeans…

princess-blue-eyez black bustier

I wouldn’t mind stripping off her belt and spanking her tight little teen ass!

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14 Apr 14

Hot Tight Teen Ass

Well obviously you can tell exactly how Princess Blueyez likes to be fucked… Doggie style! Like a true teen slut!

With a ass like Princess Blueyez has… Who wouldn’t want to tap that in this position? I know, right?

princess-blue-eyez bent over

What a beautiful teen ass Princess Blueyez has!

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12 Apr 14

Mother of God

Holy mother of God I want to marry Princess Blueyez… Do you see what she’s doing here? Half the chicks I’ve been banging would never even think to pose like this.

Just think of what Princess Blueyez can do in the bedroom to you if she gets off on posing like this!

princess blueeyez red high heels

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10 Apr 14

Buck Naked

It’s so rare I get to post a picture of Princess Blueyez buck ass naked….. Imagine coming home and walking in on this!

princess blue eyez

I would so be all over that!!!!

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After all of this time, the sun tanning pictures are still my favorite. We’ve seen Blue Eyed Cass in every possible combination of clothes in every position, but pictures of Blue Eyed Cass sun tanning in a sun tanning booth are the hottest.

Maybe it’s the glow.. Or maybe it’s just that sexy look in her eyes…

blu eyed cass-sun tanning

Yeah, you already know that Blue Eyed Cass likes to fuck in the sun tanning booth…

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5 Apr 14

Crazy Princess

Talk about being wild and crazy…. Princess Blueyez fits that bill nicely!

princess blue eyez crazy sexy teen7

I don’t know a chick as crazy as Princess Blueyez….

WTF is she doing on the roof of this SUV? Crazy chick.

princess blue eyez crazy sexy teen8

And in her panties no less! Princess Blueyez is fucking crazy!!!!

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