29 Mar 14

Hummer Times Two

I’ve often wondered why people feel the need to drive such big cars…. And after seeing these pictures of Princess Blueyez, well, now I know. If you want to get freaky in the back of my SUV, well, space is limited. With with a Hummer H2 you have all of the space you need.

And it looks like Princess Blueyez has made herself at home in the back of this Hummer….

princess blue eyez strips outside in front h23 princess blue eyez strips outside in front h26

In fact, that’s enough room to give me a hummer…… Of course, seeing Princess Blueyez down on her hands and knees with her little plaid school girl skirt lifted up is more than enough to do the trick for me!

Damn, what a sweet little ass Princess Blueyez has – perfect for a spanking!

princess blue eyez strips outside in front h24

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Blue Eyed Cass is at it again – this time stripping in the kitchen. All she’s wearing is her panties, and her panties are already sliding on down nearly past her knees. She’s just moments away from being buck ass naked in the kitchen. I’m not sure if I am horny or hungry or both!

blue eyed cass stripping in kitchen

I think horny always trumps over hunger; I can eat any time. I would bang Blue Eyed Cass right up against that kitchen counter!

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24 Mar 14


You got to love a chick like Princess Blueyez that is willing to get naked any place and any time – even on the hood of a truck!


Is that a little bit of cameltoe I see going on there?

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Just in time for St Patrick’s day…. It’s Princess Blueyez wearing a tight green t-shirt, lime green panties, and sexy Irish socks….

I have no idea where Princess Blueyez got the Irish socks from, but that’s kind of hot!!!!

princess blueyez st patricks day4

More importantly, I love those pose of Princess Blueyez on the stairs with her legs spread… Hmmmmm! That gives me all kinds of ideas!

I could hit Princess Blueyez right there!!!!

princess blueyez st patricks day5

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I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what Princess Blue Eyez would look as my bride… Well, now my questions have been answered. Now I know exactly what Princess Blue Eyes would look like on my wedding day – cleavage and all!

Of course, the sexy white panties makes a big imperssion too!

blue eyed cass hot bride white panties

Now’s it’s time to spend my honeymoon with Princess Blue Eyes… Seems she’s already taking off her panties!

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19 Mar 14

Tramp Stamp

I love chicks with tramp stamps. Just the name itself says it all…. Only a tramp would have a tramp stamp, right? Good girls don’t get tattoos, and if they do, they suren’t don’t get tramp stamps that ride up and down when they are getting fucked doggie style…

blue eyed cass tramp stamp

And you know that Blue Eyed Cass loves to get fucked doggie style!

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18 Mar 14

Black Panties

I swear no matter what Princess Blueyez wears she always looks sexy!!!

In this case it’s just a pair of panties and a black shirt….


Maybe it’s the way Princess Blueyez is laying down or her damn smile…. But something here just screams “fuck me” already!

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15 Mar 14

Sexy Panties

Don’t you just love it when hot teens pull up their short skirts just to show you their panties?

Hey, Princess Blueyez, what panties are you wearing today? Bam.

princess blue eyez crazy sexy teen5

Now you know.

And I love checking out Princess Blueyez and her panties!!!

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13 Mar 14

Flat Stomach

Ever meet a chick that you just wanted to bang right there and then? Princess Blueyez is one of those chicks….. I’d be like putty in her hands….

Princess Blueyez has a killer little tight body….. When she lifts up her shirt and shows off her super tight little stomach….. I bet that you could bounce a quarter off of her stomach!

princess blueyez tight panties1

And her ass is to die for!!!!!

princess blueyez tight panties2

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11 Mar 14

Sex Kitten


I’m not sure what brought this photo up when they were shooting, but it’s super hot! I think it’s hot because Blue Eyed Cass is on her hands and knees, doggie style, ready to be taken from behind… the cat ears and the bowl of milk is just an excuse for Blue Eyed Cass to get in her favorite position!

blue eyed cass kitty cat drinking milk

Blue Eyed Cass can drink my milk any day of the week!

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